jesus mario what is your damage

Mario is such a douche to Luigi


jesus mario what is your damage

Mario is such a douche to Luigi

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If you cast your vote with the money you spend, well they bought the office that makes the money.





what the everliving fuck

Why do people sexualize boobs when we could be doing this with them

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I just feel so ashamed of myself every time I try to reach out to other people.

The World HATES Sorrow

I’m so alone I drift into endless sorrow, but the world scorns that sorrow and pushes me further away. Then the sorrow gets stronger and harder to suppress inside me, so the world see’s my sorrow even more, and in response the world pushes me even further away, in disgust. They condemn my feelings and belittle my state of mind. For many years I sit in silence, afraid and ashamed of my own pain. Trying to hard to stop the thoughts of sorrow, but in being so alone, and rejected by everyone and everything, the sorrow is impossible to ignore. It is so powerful it becomes a cage, growing smaller by the second. No one want’s to help, the sorrow spilling through the bars on the cage and onto the ground. It’s not just in my eye’s and in my heart anymore. It’s the air I breath, it’s the water I drink, it has become everything. It’s like I was drowning in the sorrow for so long, it became me. Every time I reach out, the sorrow in my voice breeds the disgust in others which in turn fills me with more sorrow. I want to break this cycle. But I feel like I have nothing left to fight with, and I’m fighting myself just to show up for each new day.

I need to stop crying, no one want’s to be friends with a basket case. They keep telling me how important it is to have support… I am trying.

7 billion people and I can’t find a single one who is willing to speak to me.